Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sherlock Holmes by Guy Ritchie - short review

New, modern edition of Sherlock Holmes. Recorded in 2009. Directed by Guy Ritchie.
Pretty good reissue of old good detective Sherlock Holmes and his faithful follower Dr. Watson. First scene shows demonic ritual of sacrificing young virgin woman. But, Lord Blackwood’s ceremony is interrupted by guess who…, Mister Sherlock Holmes. No more Lord Blackwood (in prison), no more mystical murders, no more cases to solve, but lot of depression and mind inactivity for Holmes. After some stupid scenes, Holmes and Watson are starting to look for Blackwood’s reasons of occultism. They seem to find some strange lab for mixing and conjuring magical essences. While identifying substances with Sherlock’s perfect knowledge and sharp senses, two bad guys appear at the doors, carrying a can of gasoline and intending to burn the lab down and cover the traces. The fight begins. In the meantime, Blackwood is sentenced to death by hanging. Fight ends unfinished. Hanging goes successfully and Watson conclude Blackwood’s death. Everyone are satisfied, there are no more anti-satanic protests. And now comes the culmination. Blackwood resurrects. Fear and anger are back. Holmes is on Blackwood’s trace. New murders are to come. Country authorities are going to be involved…
For the whole new experience and to confirm all stated facts, check some trailers. Good luck!

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  1. My favorite movie is “Sherlock Holmes”.
    This is a movie I watched recently in cinema. It was a very thrilling journey trough time. The film was based on a novel, with the same name.
    Except the great story, the actors were great. They really make you think it is happening. The main character wasn’t like the one in novel, it was the complete opposite. His assistant dr. Watson. Who is very fat in the novel, isn’t showed like that. He is Sherlock’s conscience, very handsome, younger man, just like Holmes. In the film, he is trying to prove that magic don’t exist and that all that happened wasn’t because of a bad magician, and he did it. The whole movie is exciting and I didn’t want it to end. Of course, there is a beautiful lady who brings trouble to the main character and he falls in love, like always, right? He does everything to save her from the “dark magic”. And he succeed. I like it also, because it ended, but not really… He killed the magician (who was fake at the end), but the leading “bad guy” was still alive. I guess, I have to wait a year more to see the continuation.
    I really liked the movie and I could watched again and again… I think that’s what makes a great movie, when it’s every time thrilling as the firs time you saw it.