Monday, March 29, 2010

Avatar is not a good movie!

        Back a few months when it comes to any conversation about movies with my friends, only acquaintances we talk about is Avatar. All my friends are just surprised, appalled and shocked by the appearance of this film.Some of citations that are repeated again and again: "From now on we will match the new era of film,"     James Cameroon is with this film moved the boundaries in film history, "etc.. No wonder that when they hear my opinion be pleasantly surprised.
          Avatar is a film that is based on the classic western pattern. In it we recognize the story we already view many times. Modern, man, technologically advanced longs to destroy the good Indians who live in complete harmony with nature. There are of course those who understand their world and just want to understand it better. But the curse of modern man, the desire for money, which brings the power is something that makes people destroy nature and good Indians dispossessed in reserve. The film is partly based on the story from the movie Dances with Wolves, which similarly interpret the terrible fate of the American Indian. Is not that a stereotype? In the film we have a love story (from which we can throw up) and countless action scenes that are just bait for the audience.
        What was originally in the movie? What is it that makes it unique? Perhaps it is the 3D techniques or multi millions budget. For me it is not enough.

Children of Man - short film review

At first sight this seems to be one more boring movie about post apocalyptic times. But as usually everything is not as it seems. Already wasted themes about human dying caused catastrophic geological changes are not represented in here. This movie brought us something new, it brought us infertility.
That was a brand new reason to cause fear and destruction. The story is set up in 2027. World hasn’t seen a new birth since 2009. Common citizen of London Theo Farrah who’s just trying to get trough days and survive might become saver of the planet. His primary task became protecting and bringing miraculously pregnant woman to a sea sanctuary where she could birth in peace. Running from the law, they are facing many difficult situations showing us human cruelty, instability, but beyond everything human fear, and our reaction to it.
The science fiction in this movie is something they haven’t exaggerated with. After all pure gun fight and special effects aren’t the primary tag lines. Clive Owen as Theo Farrah made a very nice leading role. Movie was great and thrill I would recommend for everyone to see it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Avatar review -child's perspective

At the moment, my favorite film is Avatar. This is a film about virtual world and two world crashes. One side is human and the other side is world where live new species (host species from that planet).
 The most important thing and the main idea of this film is human greed, connection with nature and devotion to your people. One side- people want to take control over the tribe in other words wants their treasure… To make this idea real people needed to crash the home tree under which is a special material, which represent money in human world but in tribe's world it means connection with all animals, trees, rivers - with nature. This is war for money and for nature. At the first, people try to make them live their home at the kind way, but tribe won't to do that. This problem takes us to watch modern war, just because people don't understand something. Fear from others, from new are the main problems in humans world. This will be different if in future new species start to exist… 
In this film one man proves that we can make some normal connection with anybody just in kind way. Violence isn't the best answer to be friend to someone. At the end what you don't want that someone do to you don't do you to him and everybody will be happy: D 
Avatar 2 New Offical Trailer 2010 HQ very funny video :D

Saturday, March 27, 2010

LOTR short review written by Intermediate student

I like reading books and watching films, so the information that tree films were made based on the great books written by R.R. Tolkien got me interested to see how the story was portrayed. Their multi-million   dollar budget and places from all around the world where they were made, suggested there was going to be something special to be seen…
While watching the viewers are drawn into an imaginary world inhabited by hobbits elves, gnomes and men, called Middle-Earth. The plot of the films revolves around a ring of power, forged by the evil lord Sauron in order to control all races. On the other side we have our heroes’ hobbits Frodo and Sam, whose task is to destroy the ring and save everyone. The ring represents evil and wish for power which consumes everyone who possesses it. This is present in our world, so as we observe Frodo’s struggle with the ring, we can relate to it. The fight of good and evil is an eternal and universal theme. The battles are so realistic, that the viewers are on the edge of their seats, as they were there themselves.
These films marked a revolution in the world of cinema. Although the full version lasts about 8 hours, you won’t regret one minute of it. The message of this epic tale is that good will always defeat evil, it doesn’t matter when and where.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lord of the Flies - short film review

This movie can help us to learn, realize and remind ourselves what the real world looks like when we talk about domination in this film. Also we can see human’s instincts for surviving and other human’s side, animal characteristics.
When u first time sees these kids you think they could never hurt someone like killing lizard or wild pig. But later we’ll see this was nothing comparing to what they did later. They killed a boy, a innocent boy, their friend, for a lame reason. This shows how a human in this case kids when being surrounded by nature and under a pressure of surviving change, show characteristics of animals. About domination in this film: when the kids come to island anyone would think they’d stick together just to survive, at least because they are kids. But no, they separated in two groups, even they had no clue if they would ever get out of island. He’s also interesting that they followed the boy who was very cruel. Probably he threaten them one per one, so they all were, for him, without thinking do they follow him because they like his visions of leading or him generally or just because he was more dominant comparing to others.
I think this film is good because it shows a real life. Life is not fair. It is the way it is, and not the way we’d like to be. When you want to get to the top in life, or here in this film to a leadership or domination, it is not enough to be smart or hard worker, sometimes you have to be cruel. Of course it’s up to man what he’s going to do.
More essays about this movie and book u can finde here Lord of the Flies.

My favorite movie is “Sherlock Holmes”.

My favorite movie is “Sherlock Holmes”.
This is a movie I watched recently in cinema. It was a very thrilling journey trough time. The film was based on a novel, with the same name.
Except the great story, the actors were great. They really make you think it is happening. The main character wasn’t like the one in novel, it was the complete opposite. His assistant dr. Watson. Who is very fat in the novel, isn’t showed like that. He is Sherlock’s conscience, very handsome, younger man, just like Holmes. In the film, he is trying to prove that magic don’t exist and that all that happened wasn’t because of a bad magician, and he did it. The whole movie is exciting and I didn’t want it to end. Of course, there is a beautiful lady who brings trouble to the main character and he falls in love, like always, right? He does everything to save her from the “dark magic”. And he succeed. I like it also, because it ended, but not really… He killed the magician (who was fake at the end), but the leading “bad guy” was still alive. I guess, I have to wait a year more to see the continuation.
I really liked the movie and I could watched again and again… I think that’s what makes a great movie, when it’s every time thrilling as the firs time you saw it.

Twilight -short movie review

Well, I like movies, a lot. I couldn’t survive without movies. And of course I have my favorite movie. It’s “Twilight”!
I knew that “Twilight” will be my favorite movie when I saw it I was completely in love with the movie. The film is based on a novel “Twilight” written by Stephen Mayer and there are 3 more parts of book,” New Moon”, “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn”. I read them all of course and those are my favorite books. The movie is about a teenage girl Bella and her boyfriend Edward. Edward is a vampire. It’s a beautiful love story like no other: completely different. I’m sure that there will never be a story like this. That’s something what every girl dreams about, a perfect boyfriend who would do anything for her. And I think that the fact that he’s a vampire is so cool. But I don’t like this movie just because it’s a love story, I like it because of Edward. I already said that I love the fact that Edward is a vampire. Il like his superhuman powers. He can read other peoples mind, he’s cold, he can run fast, he’s so strong. I would like to have all of that. But it’s a love story, love story between a girl and a vampire. That’s the sweetest thing.
Ok, I will never like any other movie like I love “Twilight”. I have all my room full of posters of vampires imagine that. To be honest I feel incredible when I watch “Twilight”.

Written by N.M.