Sunday, March 28, 2010

Avatar review -child's perspective

At the moment, my favorite film is Avatar. This is a film about virtual world and two world crashes. One side is human and the other side is world where live new species (host species from that planet).
 The most important thing and the main idea of this film is human greed, connection with nature and devotion to your people. One side- people want to take control over the tribe in other words wants their treasure… To make this idea real people needed to crash the home tree under which is a special material, which represent money in human world but in tribe's world it means connection with all animals, trees, rivers - with nature. This is war for money and for nature. At the first, people try to make them live their home at the kind way, but tribe won't to do that. This problem takes us to watch modern war, just because people don't understand something. Fear from others, from new are the main problems in humans world. This will be different if in future new species start to exist… 
In this film one man proves that we can make some normal connection with anybody just in kind way. Violence isn't the best answer to be friend to someone. At the end what you don't want that someone do to you don't do you to him and everybody will be happy: D 
Avatar 2 New Offical Trailer 2010 HQ very funny video :D

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