Monday, March 29, 2010

Children of Man - short film review

At first sight this seems to be one more boring movie about post apocalyptic times. But as usually everything is not as it seems. Already wasted themes about human dying caused catastrophic geological changes are not represented in here. This movie brought us something new, it brought us infertility.
That was a brand new reason to cause fear and destruction. The story is set up in 2027. World hasn’t seen a new birth since 2009. Common citizen of London Theo Farrah who’s just trying to get trough days and survive might become saver of the planet. His primary task became protecting and bringing miraculously pregnant woman to a sea sanctuary where she could birth in peace. Running from the law, they are facing many difficult situations showing us human cruelty, instability, but beyond everything human fear, and our reaction to it.
The science fiction in this movie is something they haven’t exaggerated with. After all pure gun fight and special effects aren’t the primary tag lines. Clive Owen as Theo Farrah made a very nice leading role. Movie was great and thrill I would recommend for everyone to see it.

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