Monday, March 29, 2010

Avatar is not a good movie!

        Back a few months when it comes to any conversation about movies with my friends, only acquaintances we talk about is Avatar. All my friends are just surprised, appalled and shocked by the appearance of this film.Some of citations that are repeated again and again: "From now on we will match the new era of film,"     James Cameroon is with this film moved the boundaries in film history, "etc.. No wonder that when they hear my opinion be pleasantly surprised.
          Avatar is a film that is based on the classic western pattern. In it we recognize the story we already view many times. Modern, man, technologically advanced longs to destroy the good Indians who live in complete harmony with nature. There are of course those who understand their world and just want to understand it better. But the curse of modern man, the desire for money, which brings the power is something that makes people destroy nature and good Indians dispossessed in reserve. The film is partly based on the story from the movie Dances with Wolves, which similarly interpret the terrible fate of the American Indian. Is not that a stereotype? In the film we have a love story (from which we can throw up) and countless action scenes that are just bait for the audience.
        What was originally in the movie? What is it that makes it unique? Perhaps it is the 3D techniques or multi millions budget. For me it is not enough.

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  1. Have you ever seen Fern Gulley. I think that's the whole name. Basically, same movie as Avatar but child's comic. Event has the same dreamy atmosphere. Of course, Avatar was much better for an older "child"!