Saturday, March 27, 2010

LOTR short review written by Intermediate student

I like reading books and watching films, so the information that tree films were made based on the great books written by R.R. Tolkien got me interested to see how the story was portrayed. Their multi-million   dollar budget and places from all around the world where they were made, suggested there was going to be something special to be seen…
While watching the viewers are drawn into an imaginary world inhabited by hobbits elves, gnomes and men, called Middle-Earth. The plot of the films revolves around a ring of power, forged by the evil lord Sauron in order to control all races. On the other side we have our heroes’ hobbits Frodo and Sam, whose task is to destroy the ring and save everyone. The ring represents evil and wish for power which consumes everyone who possesses it. This is present in our world, so as we observe Frodo’s struggle with the ring, we can relate to it. The fight of good and evil is an eternal and universal theme. The battles are so realistic, that the viewers are on the edge of their seats, as they were there themselves.
These films marked a revolution in the world of cinema. Although the full version lasts about 8 hours, you won’t regret one minute of it. The message of this epic tale is that good will always defeat evil, it doesn’t matter when and where.

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